The Ashland Invitational Poker Club™ has ten nominal regulars:

The Vise

AKA: The Bully (Thanks, Noble); The Angler; Hot Rod; Money; Our Host; The Terminator

Favorite Games: Omaha

Least Favorite Games: Re-freaking-gret

Superhero Nickname: Dr. Strange; Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Punisher

The Zombie Killer

AKA: The Human Torch; Daddy D; Pyro

Favorite Games: Seven Stud?; Five Card Hi-Lo One-Four-One?

Least Favorite Games: Regret?

Superhero Nickname: Johnny Storm, The Human Torch

The Nemesis

First annual overall winner, he's also known as: The First Man; The Opportunist; The Sinister Scot; Mandress the Magician; Big Whine; Target Prime; The Savant; The Bog; The Bogieman

Favorite Games: Omaha 8; Seven Stud Hi-Lo Declaration

Least Favorite Games: Regret; Double Barrel

Superhero Nicknames: Professor X; Magneto; Doctor Doom; Dr. Evil; Bad Horse

The Dude

AKA: Big Iron; Barnabas Collins; The Law; Corruption; Dick; Seven-Deuce; Big Bone; Nut; Detective; The Hebrew Hammer; Meow Meowmeow; Inspector Chiploss; Rugby; Sonic

Favorite Games: Hold'Em; Regret

Least Favorite Games: Chicago

Superhero Nicknames: The Caped Crusader, Batman; perhaps also The Man of Steal (sic)?


First ever overall Derelict hand award recipient, he's: The Galactic Derelict; Buy-in Rxxx; Flyin' Rxxx; Cryin' Rxxx; The Translater; In-To-Win; 'Bas Daddy; Pineapple Papa

Favorite Games: O-8; Five or Six Card Tijuana; Take it or leave it; Roll 'em and Control Games

Least Favorite Games: Jacks Trips; Hi-Chi Black Mariah

Superhero Nicknames: The Green Lantern; Space Ghost

The Straight Man

The White Robot; Waydeep; Nitro; AK; Way D'oh;

Favorite Games: ?

Least Favorite Games: ?

Superhero Nicknames: Speed Racer; Wonder Woman; The Boy Wonder

The Intimidator

Mitch; Gentleman Tim; Earn Hard; Pay To Play

Favorite Games: Jacks Back; Omaha 8

Least Favorite Games: Limbo; Circumcision; Any seven card game with excessive passing

Superhero Nickname: ?

The Lord of Lowball

AKA: Stretch; The Spider; Professor A-bomb

Favorite Games: Lowball

Least Favorite Games: ?

Superhero Nicknames: Mr. Fantastic


Uncle Rico; The Hose; Haz Mat; Chip Rich; Mr. Mouth to Mouth; The Retardant;

Favorite Games: Seven Stud?; Five Card Hi-Lo One-Four-One?

Least Favorite Games: Regret?

Superhero Nickname: Aquaman

The Founder

He's: Mr. Consistency; The Worshipful Master; The All-seeing Eye; Slowplay; The Transporter; Sandbag; Mr. Fritter; The Lyin' Hawaiian; The Original Whiner; Big Daddy; Mister Man; Cxxxxx the Great; The Reverend; Rev

Favorite Games: Hold 'Em; Omaha; Five Card Draw; Seven Card Stud; Lowball; Regret; Razz

Least Favorite Games: Hi Chi; Henway; Chicago

Superhero Nicknames: Cyclops; The Thing

For information about the current Standings, the Hall of Fame, or the Alcove of Infamy , select the appropriate link as pages become available. Check back for Ashland Invitational Poker Club™ branded product.

All in?

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